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The Insanity that is My Life
Warning: Ranting Ahead
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21st-Jul-2009 07:33 am - Friends Cut
Lavinya Sedai
Time for a friends cut. Yup. If you never read this or you never update your journal I'll be cutting you. Some of you read but don't comment, thats cool, I won't cut you! I know who you are :).

Comment here if you'd like to stay.

Also, a reminder about my filters - if you want in one and you're not, let me know. There is girl stuff (girls only! I'm shy like that :P), sexy stuff (mmhmm), graphics ranting, and I'm making a new rp one, so those who totally aren't interested can skip on by :).
2nd-Jan-2009 05:36 pm - Friends Cut
true friends
So, who actually reads this? I'm curious more than anything. I'm not so narcissistic that I expect you all to be totally immersed in my life, but there's not much point being friended if you don't read this, right? So if you're happy to stick around and read my ramble and endless memes you are by all means welcome to - just comment to let me know! Otherwise I'll be cutting off all the journals that aren't active and aren't interested :)

By the way, I don't really mind if you don't comment much, it's just nice to know you're still here!

If you find yourself removed, it's because you obviously don't read this and haven't commented. If you want back in, by all means just comment and I'll re-add you :)

credit in lavinyacredits
5th-Dec-2008 07:07 am - Promotion
Do you like blinkies? Well goodgal996 makes some of the most awesome pretties! And better yet, she has her own community - puffblinks!


Every week she has new offers for you to choose from, and like at the moment, you can request any blinkie you like from her gallery. Sound awesome? It is! You don't have to do anything fancy to become a member, just go to THIS POST, tell them lavinya_sedai sent you, then join and friend the community. Easy as pie! And the best thing is, if you join now, you can request straight away from the current open gallery offering, found HERE.

Off you go! And don't forget to mention I sent you! :D

8th-Jan-2008 04:51 pm - Alive
I promise I am still alive. Been busy and stuff. Will post more soon. Miss you all! 
14th-Nov-2007 04:06 pm(no subject)
I edited my awkward wondering post, thought it was only fair that I share what's 'normal' in our house and what prompted me to ask it in the first place. 
9th-Nov-2007 11:01 am - Credit Post
This public post will be used to showcase and credit all the blinkies and other graphics made for me in various communities. If you have made something on here for me and it is not credited, that is because I can't find the original maker. Comment and I will happily credit you.
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